Friday, July 13, 2007


Yesterday, Dave came home with flowers...Little did he know (or maybe he did) how much I really needed and appreciated them. We then made homemade pizza...mmmm so good. I honestly think its better than eating out! Afterwards, we took Noah and Chester on a stroll. We ran into our neighbors and friends from church, Norm and Sue and had a great time sitting on their front porch chatting and enjoying the beautiful weather. They have a fake owl hanging off their porch to scare the birds away...and Noah was convinced it was a cat... (tat! tat!) Norm even found a doggie treat for Chester. It was an unplanned, but great way to spend the evening.

Today, I helped Heather clean out her apartment in the morning. When I came back Dave had cleaned our house! I can't tell you how nice it was for ME to walk into a clean house after working! :-) It was really very kind of him.

The day has been on and off since. We keep getting phone calls from people requesting services/things...mostly because Dave is the president of the homeowners association...but he isn't home, so I couldn't help them. I went dress shopping for a dress for Emily's wedding. I had to take Noah with me...Boy was that a mistake! #1) Although he had just gotten up from a nap, he still seemed tired #2) He thought crawling under the changing room doors and taking off was the best game there was. (Me, trying to throw clothes on and chase after him was not so impressed with this game). Eventually I gave up and headed home. I've read a good book and had a good chat with my friend Sara, who always makes me laugh.

So all in all, it has been a typical day, filled with ups and downs...but the ups have far outweighed the downs. :-) (Have to go get my crying kid now)


Mindy said...

What a great husband! So great when you come home and find surprises like that. Dress shopping with a 1 yr old, tough! I can only imagine you throwing on clothes and chasing him around a dressing room

Ann said...

WTG Dave! I had to laugh at the mental picture of the dress shopping...I tried swimsuits on once with the kiddos, it was a mistake!