Thursday, July 12, 2007

Jane's Gourmet Deli

So, Noah and I went to the zoo again this morning...this time with Becky W. and her son River (who is 11 days older than Noah). The boys had a good time and I enjoyed getting to know Becky better. We then went to Jane's Gourmet Deli (where her husband works...and where they met!). It was FABULOUS! It is this little joint off 4th street and its great. We even met Jane herself. It was nice to experience more of a taste of Lafayette besides Wendy's and Steak n Shake. If you are interested in a good meal and nice atmosphere, you should check it ou! Now, Noah is napping and I am thinking that is not such a bad idea. :-)

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Ann said...

Sounds good! We haven't ever eaten there--I can tell you more in person (it's not related to the food!)