Monday, July 23, 2007

Sleepless night

When you have a kid, every hour of sleep that you get is precious. They are your alarm clock. That is why at 1am this morning, I was frustrated that I could not fall back asleep. I tossed and turned until 1:30 when Noah woke up and needed to be comforted. Shortly after that there was a loud repeated banging in the living room. I went to investigate what the cat was up to. I thought he had been messing with a balloon that Noah had, so I picked it up and stuck into a closet so I could finally sleep. (Didn't see the cat though). Laid back down and tried praying for awhile...good prayers just didn't help me fall asleep. I couldn't regulate my body temp, therefore I couldn't really get comfortable enough to fall back asleep. I tried reading (finished my book) and around 3:30ish fell back asleep. At 6am we hear a distinct meowing from outside the window. Apparently what I heard at 2am was not the balloon, but the cat opening the screen door and escaping for a midnight retreat. Dave (thankfully) let him in. But, my relief was short lived. Noah woke up at 7 and has been a crank since. I feel his pain. I am so looking forward to vacation. Dave has promised me 1 day where I do not have to get up with Noah and can sleep in. Today, it sounds heavenly.

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