Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Shaggy Haircut

I went to get my haircut yesterday. For awhile I was thinking I really wanted to get it chopped off. Then, of course, yesterday I had my first good hair day in weeks and that made me rethink all my plans. So I go in there and tell the hairdresser..."Don't really know what I want, but I think I can go shorter and I want some more volume around my face." See, I have a really really hard time articulating sometimes. Of course, in my mind, I had gotten my vision across clearly. Of course she would cut it just the way I had in my mind...or better even, I mean she is a professional. I have always wanted to go to those hair places where you walk in...they look at you...and know exactly what you need! Mostly because I never have any real vision for my hair.

Result: Shaggy longer version of Florence Henderson haircut. I don't blame the hairdresser at all for my inability to articulate. It's just unfortunate. I went home and tried playing with it...that made it worse. I think I might end up going to a different salon and having them fix it on Thursday (of course...everyone is closed today). It's not all bad...I just think I am going to have them shorten it a little more...The bottom is the part that is problematic for me. I had a picture, but failed to give it to first salon due to allowing creative bad. :-) Will give to second salon for sure.

This picture doesn't give a really good idea what it looks like.


Mindy said...

I think just a little length off the bottom would make an excellent cut! I've only found one hair dresser who I can let use her "creative experise" and she's all the way in Cincinnati. In fact, she gets annoyed with me when I bring in pictures because it limits her creative freedom. I'm such a nerd and try to go home every few months just so she can cut my hair.

the rockstar said...

Umm.... I did not notice yesterday. Though, I noticed Becky's. Sorry!