Monday, December 28, 2009

The plague

So, Noah's fever is on day 5 and still going. Dave looked at him today and could visibly see his lymph nodes. He called the doctor and we got in this afternoon. He has strep throat. At least we know now and can have him treated. He was still running a fever tonight when I put him to bed...but we've started the antibiotics and I gave him some more tylenol.

Callie has been having horrible diarrhea the last two days. Poor girl. There is no consistency to her's like water. She's pooped through two outfits already today and our house has that diarrhea smell. Her poor bottom is all red too. I feel so bad for her. She finally ate a little tonight, and the doctor gave us some pro-biotics to give her to help it. So far, aside from that, she's fever free...and I'm praying that she stays that way.

Please just pray that my kids heal, and heal quickly, in the next few days. We've been praying for them a lot, but more prayer is always good. Pray too for Dave and I to maintain, and just to feel God's presence with us. I know He is working this all out. Thanks so much.


Christy said...

I'm so sorry Kim. It's never fun as a mom to see your kids hurting and not be able to fix it. We'll be praying for quick healing.
- For Callie's diaper rash (Josiah would get horrible diarrhea when teething) a pharmacist recommended for us mixing equal parts Aquaphor and mint Maalox. It takes a bit to mix to a paste, but it's the BEST stuff I have ever used for really bad diaper rash. Hope both are feeling better soon!

Melinda said...

Oh, friend! I'm praying for you and the kids.