Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cast-free Callie

Callie girl got her cast off this morning. Hooray!

Last picture of her in her cast. She was oh-so thrilled. :-)

Cutting the cast off. This was after the "saw". She cried a little because she was scared, but then she calmed down. She's a trooper.

Daddy holding Cals while we are waiting for the results from the x-rays. She's in the clear and everything looked good!

Random picture of Noah who did well watching his sister. He was a bit concerned that they were hurting her, but we re-assured him that she was just scared of the loud noises and she wasn't actually being hurt.

She is still not used to using that arm, although she has moved it a little. We'll see what she does after nap.

Perhaps today we'll take down some Christmas decorations...

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