Sunday, October 5, 2008

My husband's pretty great...

So, I'm another year older today. Dave did a great job of helping me celebrate this year. Well, you saw the picture of the flowers. They weren't technically for my birthday, but I totally counted them. No, my husband emailed a bunch of my girlfriends (mostly my lifegroup ladies past and present) and hosted a girl's night birthday party with the movie Made of Honor. He cleaned the house, decorated with balloons, made virgin strawberry daiquiris, skillet cookies (the best dessert ever!), and took care of the kids. He was super. It was a wonderful night thanks to him. What a keeper.

(Missing from the picture are Darlene, Becky C., Summer and Halie who left before we could take the picture to get home)

This morning started off with Callie wanting to party at 5:30. She was the first to wish me Happy Birthday...kind of. :-) Then at 6:30, our phone started ringing. Usually early morning phone calls are never good. It was one of the docs from the ER clinic. Her husband was heading into the ER himself and she needed Dave to cover for her since she was scheduled to work today. Anyway, so, Dave is at work now until someone can relieve him. I hope that everything turns out OK with the doc's husband. That can be pretty scary when you're not sure what's going on.

So, the kids and I are hanging out this morning. Noah and Callie are both "playing" with the balloons. I think I need to jump in the shower and wake up a little more. My brain still feels a bit foggy.

Oh, back to my husband being super sweet: When I got up this morning, there were two cards (one from Dave and one from the kids)...and perhaps the best gift I could have received from him: a hand written letter. So, there I sat, reading his letter and crying. I'm such a sap...but I love receiving them.

It's been a pretty great birthday so far. We have a busy day today with church and a church meeting this evening...hence the big celebrating yesterday.

Thanks for everything love. You're pretty amazing! Thanks too to everyone for the birthday wishes and lovely presents. They were all wonderful and made me feel very loved. :-)


Ann said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you had a great day :)

mjvan said...

Happy birthday Kim! Sounds like a fun birthday party! :)

Elizabeth said...

what a great way to celebrate! My husband planned a surprise party for my 31st!! those husbands are pretty sneaky.. what an aweome job he did.. cleaning and taking care of the kids too!
looks like you had great company to celebrate with!
oh, and you'll have to give me details on the skillet cookie!!

Smileyface said...

Happy Birthday Kim and way to go
David! Does he get this from his Dad?

K said...
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Karissa said...

I pray i have a husband like that one day!