Tuesday, October 21, 2008

6 months

Callie went to the doctor yesterday. She is 17lbs, 2oz (75th%) and is 26" (almost 75th%).

She has two teeth, is sitting up on her own...but has absolutely no interest in crawling or really even being on her stomach. I think she is working on two more teeth on the top. We'll see what she has around Christmas time. :-)

In other news...everyone slept through the night last night...including me. I had the first good night's sleep in what feels like months. Neither kid woke up. In fact, aside from Noah waking up at 6:30 and Dave sticking him back in bed...nobody got up until 7:45am this morning...another unheard of! I feel GREAT!!

We had a busy day yesterday, so that could account for some of it. We watched my friend's girls in the morning. Callie had her doctor's appointment, and then I (stupidly) made their picture appointment in the evening. Well, Noah was just fine. Callie however had missed her mid-afternoon nap because of the doctor and was not too happy. She cooed, laughed and giggled at the doctor's office, but had nothing really for the photographer to work with. I looked at all the pics, and although there were some cute poses, nothing that I REALLY liked, because the kid's weren't really smiling well in any of them. Since these are the ones we are planning on sending out around Christmas, I opted for a reshoot. I planned it for a day where we have NOTHING else going on...so hopefully the kids will have good naps, and then we'll go get their pictures taken. Here's hoping for a better shot next time.

My master plan today is to get control of my house. It has been in various states of clean/unclean and I plan on making it ALL clean today, along with maybe watching some more "Chuck" on DVD. I am really starting to like that show. It amuses me.

Well, Callie is cooing and "talking" in her exersaucer now...It almost sounds like singing. Noah is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. While the kid's are content, I better get hopping.

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