Monday, October 27, 2008

Meijer Monday

What to type? What to type? If I have to think this hard, then nothing I really have to say can be THAT interesting. Sorry if I bore you.

Weekend was lovely. I went on a women's retreat and actually came back pretty rejuvenated. I managed to get some good prayer and the teachings were good as well. Meanwhile, Noah and Dave were exercising their testosterone and doing manly things on the home front (like seeing the dinosaurs at the museum, having guys nights both evenings, and then hanging out with grandma and grandpa). It sounds like they had a blast. They are now BFF's.

Then...reality hit. Dave had to work all day yesterday (8am-8pm) and all day today (was home for an hour) then has to work overnight tonight. Both Dave and Noah are pretty distraught. Noah actually cried a little yesterday. Dave made the most of his hour home though with a lot of play time. I believe there are promises made for some fun times tomorrow, if I heard right. The boys will be back.

Can someone remind me again about taking children out in public? I must be missing some of the rules/guidelines. I was talking to a woman at church yesterday who took her 5 children shopping. I'm pretty sure I would never leave my house with 5 kiddos. I'd just order everything online. Then I watched 17 and counting last night. Seriously people. You don't want to get sucked in...but you SO do. Dave and I stared at it last night for an hour before going to bed. It's about a family of 17 kids, with another one on the way. First of all, my honest opinion is that is absurd to have that many children. However, they somehow really manage to pull it off. It's like the most well-behaved kindergarten class (they all walk in lines, etc). It blows my mind that she can manage 17, while I can barely manage two. evening. I took the kids to Meijer tonight. Yes, I know. I realize it was near bedtime, but I really needed to pick up a prescription. So, we trekked over there. By trek, I mean drove out of our subdivision literally into Meijer's parking lot. And of course, I picked up more than the prescription. Laundry detergent was buy one get TWO free. With the amount of laundry I do, I wasn't going to pass THAT up. Noah's tired and whiny. Callie is crying. Somehow the cart jostles enough that one of the detergents that was sitting on the bottom of the cart, spilled off and spilled out. Lovely. A lady helped me and we at least got the growing pool of blue cautioned off. We literally could not find a Meijer employee to help us. Moving on. It was slow night tonight. Everywhere I went, I was behind people who had extensive needs (prescriptions, price checks, etc.) My kids were beside themselves by the time that I left. It was one of those nights where I was pleading with Noah to just behave, knowing that it's really my fault for throwing off everyone's groove by going there in the first place. Anyway, mission accomplished. Prescription is picked up, baby food is bought, detergent replaced. Better yet, the kids are in bed, the episode of Chuck was good, and I have nothing really stopping me from going to bed. Sweet.

Despite the craziness, I love my kids. I love this time in their lives. I'm probably going to look back at this one day and say, "Those were the easy times." Now there's a thought.

Peace out.


Ann said...

Glad you got to get away for a couple of days! I have no idea how the Duggars do it...definitely not something I'm called to do. And yes, I'm having a hard time fathoming leaving the house with three...we've hit "I'll argue with my sister about everything and anything"...ugh.

But you now have detergent, baby food and the prescription! I usually forget something when we have a shopping trip like that, then I need to go back...sigh.

We love Chuck too! We taped it, though---between bedtime and the Colts game, we probably won't watch it until tomorrow...

Kelsey said...

Please, that family is on a TV show. They can edit out whatever they don't want people to see. And your kids will be flexible when they get older on account of learning early to go with the flow. Glad the retreat was good!

Smileyface said...

what retreat did you go to? tell us more! that is bloggable for sure ;)

you are brave to take them both out...i rarely do this...gabe is too much a monkey and something crazy always happens. but yes, i keep thinking too, just enjoy this stage...we'll never get it back again. ellie is taking steps and jason has been like< why don't you work with her more like we did with gabe (he walked at 8 mths) and my reply is this: because, my dear, once she walks well, then my baby is gone and then you know what? i will want another baby and we can't have this now can we?
to which my love replies....good thinking, honey..good thinkin ;)