Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Updates in a nutshell

So this will be a less than creative post, but I'm sure I'm due for a general update:

Callie- I'm attempting potty training again. It's been difficult because we need to be home for a few days in order for it to work...to this point, that's not really been happening. Hopefully, we can make some progress this week. She went a little bit this morning, but although we cheered for her, she was less than impressed. She loves singing and sings and dances all the time.

Noah-Is enjoying the summer and playing in his little pool. His tadpole has little legs now, which is neat to watch. His favorite activity right now is tormenting...ahem..I mean playing with Buzz.

Speaking of Buzz, he is doing great. His foot has healed to the point that there is just a little scab on it. He has his "boot" off and the e-collar is off as of yesterday. He is a free kitty. Looking at how well he is doing, I'm so glad that he wasn't put down and that Dave put the effort into him. He's adjusting to life here well and is definitely holding his own. Now that he has his cone off, I have a hard time telling the two cats apart.

OK, told you that was quick, and less than creative. But, I REALLY should be cleaning the bathrooms right now...so on that note...Peace out.

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