Friday, June 11, 2010

I declare it: Callie is officially potty trained

I mean really...she's been going all on her own now for 2 days with no accidents. I'm sure we'll have an accident here and there, but I'm calling it. She's potty trained. :-) I might eat my words in a few days, but we'll bask in the beauty of the moment now. It's funny, to potty train, we put her little potty in the living that when we were sitting for 20 minutes at a time, she could be around others. Today, I switched it back to the bathroom. I asked Callie if she needed to go potty. She ran into the bathroom, then I watched as she carried the potty out to the living room, sat on it, did her thing. After we had flushed her pee-pees and put the potty back together, I watched as she picked up the potty and then put it back into the bathroom. At least she was being neat.

Both kids have bad fevers today. After peeking at their throats, which were both red and spotty, we took them into the doctor. Although she agreed that their throats were red, the strep-test came back negative. So, they just have the funk. We've been watching a lot of movies, reading, and cuddling the last two days. I enjoy cuddling with them, even if they are little furnaces on 90 degree days.

Tonight is Dave's last night working and then he has the weekend with us. Although with two sick kids, it will be a mild weekend.

OK, Callie just pooped in the potty on her own. Nature calls. Gotta run.


Mindy said...

Way to go potty training with feverish kids! You're super-mom. Hope they get to feeling better!

Christy said...

Yay Callie! Hope both kids are feeling better soon!