Saturday, June 26, 2010

2nd installment

So, by the title...if you haven't read the first installment...start there.

During the afternoon on Wednesday, Dave had an overseer's meeting to attend. Because he sits on the board, I was invited to attend the wives of the overseer's lunch. The beauty of this is while the men are being taught, the women's lunch is a time of commmunity and socializing. Before you criticize...the majority of these women are pastor's wives and they often don't get the same opportunities as their husbands to fellowship with others (many are mom's of young children). This lunch allowed them to talk, connect, share stories, and meet new people. Frankly, I just enjoyed being along for the ride. I was able to reconnect with my friend Laura. Dave and I stayed with her and her husband while we were in Seattle. It's amazing what sharing space with others can do in terms of building community. Now, it's so enjoyable to reconnect with her and hear about all that's happened since we were there in November.

Afterwards we went back to the hotel and sat in the pool/hot tub with some of our other friends, Frank and Sheena. There were a lot of people that we knew staying at our same hotel. It felt like a really fun party.

The evening session was wonderful too (OK just get used to the fact that I thought all the sessions were pretty good).

I was really wanting to go up for prayer, but the calls that night were pretty specific and didn't exactly apply to me. I sat back there just praying. Dave laid his hand on my back and began to pray for me. Wow, was he right on. He spoke words of encouragement and vision. God had given him the ability to speak into things that I hadn't even told him. It was so powerful and so significant that it ended up being him that prayed for me. It was so reassuring and so life-building for our marriage too. Good stuff happens when you seek Jesus together.

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