Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Conference- 1st installment

So, we are back from summer conference...and amazing doesn't even begin to describe it. God was so gracious and so generous. So much happened, so to be fair and give it all justice, I am going to be recounting it in multiple installments.

Truthfully, God really began working in Dave and I Monday night. We had a really good, connecting conversation that allowed a lot of walls to break down and probably opened us both to the point where we could actually receive well at conference. We got down there Tuesday night, but the conference didn't start until Wednesday morning. It was so nice to just have an evening to ourselves. We went to the pool, relaxed and just rested. It had been awhile since that had really last happened. I'm figuring this out- rest and a break equals better parents. Behaviors had been flaring up at home and it felt like constant correction, which was putting us at the edge, and honestly, I think we all just needed a break (I know this because after we came home there was a major difference--in all of us)

Wednesday morning the topic was "Father Knows Us". He referenced Psalm 139. Here are the big take home points for me:

- God knows us completely. And in knowing us this well (with all of our sins, brokeness, and junk), He still wants to be with us.

Psalm 139:14- I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
-How many times do we worship God for how He made us? Too often we are so critical of ourselves, or features of ourselves...Yet, God made us with great care and design and we are made in his image. What would it be like to choose to praise God for how He formed me, without exception?

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