Saturday, June 26, 2010


OK, so this was at the last session, but I am so excited by it I wanted to get it down.

At the end of the session on the prodigal son, there was a call for anyone who wanted prayer for healing to come forward.

Some of you may not know that I have suffered from sciatica (or something like it) in my left hip since being pregnant with Noah. I had it with Callie too, but it still lingers and has gotten worse over the last year. I often have full leg pain or knee pain as it adjusts to my hip being out of whack.

I was especially hurting this last week. I tried getting into the chiropractor, but didn't schedule it in time before we left. So, when they called for healing, I decided to respond.

I went up there and just held my hands out. There were hundreds of people that responded. Generally when I pray, I usually say, "Lord, I know that you can heal. Help my unbelief". However, since we had just finished talking about God's intense love for us, I, for some reason, prayed, "Father, I believe you love me enough to heal me." Right about then, the pastor prayed corporately, "Lord, heal them". I'm not kidding. There was an instant sensation in my leg. I began to rotate it and felt no pain. My knee didn't hurt. Astounded, and probably a bit dumbfounded, I kept moving it around, looking around me, looking down. I thought, "was I just healed that quickly?". Sure enough, without even someone laying their hand on me to pray, I felt immediate relief. It was incredible.

The whole drive home I felt incredible relief. Often, when my hip is out, I notice that the left side sits higher than the right when I am sitting. For the last 24 hours, I have noticed both sides equal on the seat. Last night, I laid in bed awed that I had no pain. It was amazing!

Thank you Jesus!

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Christy said...

Awesome Kim! Praise God!