Saturday, December 6, 2008

Where did my week go?

Hello? Is it Saturday already?? This week has seemed to fly by with all the painting, pantry creating and prepping for the new machines. In between there, I had a dentist appointment, a playdate with a new friend (my kids were HORRIBLE! I hope that she doesn't give up on me) and dinner with our friend's the Helms. It was fun hanging out with them. We've known them for quite some time, but have never had them over for dinner. Silly us. I'm glad we remedied that though. We had a lot of fun.

Today we are shopping as a lifegroup for Christmas Jubilee. We buy toys and clothes for a needy family in our area. Tonight, Dave and I have a date...a "free" date. One of the women's lifegroups is offering free babysitting services to the families in our church...How awesome is that?! A great service opportunity if you do ask me. I think Dave and I might go see a movie.

Dave let me sleep in this morning. It was great until Noah crashed open the door and announced to me, "Baby sister's awake!!" I sat straight up in confusion. I got up and got Callie and realized that Dave had fallen asleep on the couch! It was just as well, I needed to get up and get going anyway.

I think I hear him making biscuits and gravy. What a beautiful morning...extra sleep and glorious starch! I LOVE biscuits and gravy.

Have a great Saturday!

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Elizabeth said...

show us your new space!! bet it looks awesome!
its so cool that your whole group shopped for kids.. we love doing that kind of thing every year.. we're going to ring the bell and adopt a kid thru our old church... hoping CRC can do something like that next year!