Tuesday, December 16, 2008

He's Home!

Dave got home Sunday afternoon right before we got home from church. We went out to eat (El Rodeo...YUM!) and then he and the kids snoozed the afternoon away. When he woke up, he finished the few projects I had for him (Namely hanging the shower curtain back up after I had stripped the screws...oops!)

Yesterday we had a great day. We worked out in the morning, then finished the Christmas cards/letters. For whatever reason, that task just seems HUGE to me. I'm thankful that it's done. After the kid's naps, we went to the post office, and to Dave's work while he did an order. I wanted to go to Target while he was placing it, but I forgot my wallet at home. So, being the sweet man that my husband is, he kindly let me go to Target and he entertained Noah while I shopped.

We watched Chuck last night. I love that show, and am so sad that it's not coming back again until FEBRUARY.

Dave started back at the grind again this morning. I'm trying to clean my house because we are having our lifegroup party here tonight.

I'll try and post pictures soon of the "spa", which is my new name for our bathroom. The pictures are not that great and don't really do it justice, but you can at least get a feel. :-)

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Elizabeth said...

glad he's home safely! sounds like a great homecoming for everyone.. especially.. you.. ahem..TARGET =)!
I am so impressed you are working out..and did you say together??! that is awesome!