Friday, December 12, 2008

Disney on Ice

OK, so yesterday was an interesting day. First, a bit of a whine: My kids are terrible sleepers. Let me amend that...Noah is right now. He's been getting up anywhere between 1-3 times per night. Callie has been sleeping through the night pretty well. The night that Dave left (at 4am) I decided to be a good wife, get up with him, and spend a little time before he left for 5 days. So, I was up from about 3-4:45am. The kid's not only slept through the night...but slept in! Figures. I was hoping that the following night might follow the same pattern. No such luck: I saw 11, 11:30, 3am (When Dave's alarm randomly went off), 4:30, 5:30, 6:40, 6:45am. Here's the thing about me...when I don't get good sleep, I am not a pleasant person to be around, and my patience is about nil. So, we got up and I decided to try and meet my friend Allyson at the gym. Besides, it was an hour away break from the kids...although I am not sure that working out really counts as a break. However, Allyson and I had a good time, we chatted a lot, and then I asked her to pray for me as I knew this day was going to be a challenge.

Literally, after she prayed, I felt like I had a whole new disposition. The morning/afternoon went fairly well. I wanted to nap with the kids because of my previous sleep deprivation and because Noah and I were driving to Indy that night. Well, the kids were not so kind. They alternated crying. I got maybe 20 minutes, before Noah came waltzing in again.

For those parents out there, you know how it is that 30 minutes or so before a babysitter comes. I was running around trying to pick up, make dinner, pack a bag for Noah and I, get ready myself, and of course Callie wanted to nurse in there as well. I think I might have initially scared Sarah, our babysitter with my frantic running around. Anyway, we were running late, I had just gotten Noah's coat on, when he apparently gags on the chicken that he is still mawing around in his mouth...and throws up all over himself and my kitchen. I kind of just laughed because at that point, that was about how my day was going. However, we managed to get him changed, cleaned up and out the door only a little bit later than I had planned.

From there, things took a really positive turn. I am directionally challenged and the directions I printed off didn't match the streets when I finally landed in downtown. However, I managed to find Conseco Fieldhouse with only one turn around (not bad for me by myself). We then got (literally) the closest parking next to the place. There was one parking place left (THANK YOU JESUS!). Noah was so good when we got there. He was just taking in everything. Since I had budgeted for it, I offered to buy him a toy and he chose Buzz. He held it reverantly the entire evening. He did great for the first half of the show. I teared up a few times watching him clap after numbers. He was so into it. It was one of those great memories as a mom...doing something really special for my son. When intermission came, we walked up the steps a little bit, then he turned around heading back to our seats and said, "Let's do it again!". The second half was a bit harder for him. By that point it was past his bedtime. He tried leaving during the Incredibles performance, but then got captivated back in by Lion King. Fortunately, that was the last we made it to the end. Overall, he did a GREAT job. I had a great time taking him.

2 days without Dave down-3 more to go. I talked with him yesterday and he is having a blast in Colorado. They skiied all day and then sat in the hot tub. They are staying in a really nice condo and every time that I talk to Dave he sounds so happy. This is so good for him, and I'm really glad that he was able to have the opportunity.


Christy said...

I'm so glad things are going well for you and the's always tough when you have to be a single parent! ;-) Disney on Ice sounds awesome, and how special you got to see it alone with him! As you said, good mommy memories.

Elizabeth said...

oh.. man sounds like you pulled thru like only mama's can!!
disney on ice sounds awesome, I just saw the commercials for that this week.. I wish we would have known earlier to get tickets! What a special 'date' night with your little man!
and I was going to tell you this morning how tiny you're getting.. dang.. and no wonder, you're working out!! where do you go? international?