Sunday, August 3, 2008


Well, it's that craziness period just before a vacation where you wonder, "Will we ever get there?" The packing is an all weekend event. The dog has been dropped off at my parents. Dave is finishing up last minute things for the clinic. The kids and myself are partially packed. Dave is all the way packed. Noah is running a fever and has been "out of it" all day. I seriously hope it's a 24 hour bug and that he will be feeling better tomorrow. Yeesh. We had our leadership meeting for church tonight. It was good, but it took up most of our evening. A BIG thanks to Lindsey for watching sick Noah on the fly. Now, both kids are in bed, I'm pausing from packing, and seriously contemplating just waking up early tomorrow to finish.

If you hear tires squealing tomorrow morning, that would be us, peeling out of our driveway SO anxious to get on with this much needed vacation. Love you guys! See you in a week. :-)

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Ann said...

Hope you have a great time! You're right, getting ready to go (especially with kids that need gear) and unpacking/doing laundry afterwards are the parts of vacation that make me need a vacation :)