Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Perfect Day

Friday was one for the memory books. I'm not kidding, it was amazing. It started with Dave making Sara and I biscuits and gravy...yum. Then Sara and I got ready for our spa appointment. We went to a spa called Bliss here in Lafayette. We had a great time. I got a hot rock massage, which I had never had before and it was incredible and VERY relaxing. I came out like jello. Then we had pedicures (which I have also never had). My pedicurist (if that's what you even call them) was a hoot. It was her last day, and she acted like it. It somehow came about that she had taken her cat into the emergency clinic and we think it was Dave that she saw. She really never let Sara and I get a word in edge-wise in her retelling of stepping on her kitten. She at one point referred to me as "motherly". Yes, I am a mom, but still it somewhat stung when they compared me to young, carefree Sara. She made up for it by adding in a leg rub (which wasn't in our package). The highlight for me was when she started telling us about the cat she killed in her dryer when she was younger (on accident). She said that it had come out all stiff. And, god bless Sara, her response was "Didn't you use a dryer sheet?". You could see her trying to grab the words back, but I just laughed until I cried. I couldn't help it. It was priceless. The lady laughed too, so it wasn't too terrible. I can't remember when I have laughed that hard.

We waited around for our friend Melinda to arrive, and when she did, we ate Monicals Pizza. (Another WONDERFUL portion of the day). Then Dave said, "Why don't you guys see Mamma Mia? I'll stay home with the kids." He even set it all up with the times. I married a really good man. So, we went. I was exhausted when we got there (I was SO relaxed from my massage). 2 minutes into the movie...that changed. What a GREAT MOVIE!!! We laughed SO hard. As in, writhing, flailing laughter, tears running down our cheeks. It's just so outlandishly funny. You have to go with the ladies though. I think that made a difference.

When we got home, Dave had a skillet cookie and margaritas waiting. It was awesome. Then he left us girls to our silliness. It was a fantastic night and I greatly appreciated Dave giving us the ability to have it.

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