Monday, August 4, 2008

Vacation-Day 1

Well, we tried peeling out of the driveway, but we couldn't get the tires to it lost some of its dramatic effect. Nevertheless, here we are at the Great Wolf Lodge near Cincinnati, Ohio. We are having a BLAST!!!

First, let's start with the morning. After waking up at 3, 4, 4:15, 4:45, 5:20, and for good around 6:45, Noah was extremely chatty this morning. Dave and I who had blearily opened our eyes after a night of continuously putting Noah back into bed, stumbled out into the morning light. Noah had commentary for EVERYTHING. "Noie have mommy's water. Noie spill mommy's water. Mommy, help Noie clean up water. Noie clean up water..." This continued for the entire morning. At some point (probably after we had cracked our eyes open further than a millimeter) we found it rather amusing, and were relieved that he was feeling better. We hurried around trying to get things situated, and we were on the road.

Really, having a two year old is a trip. They literally say THE funniest things. For instance, Noah's favorite phrase these days is "right there!". Not sure where he learned it from (Dave, the remote is right there! Just look for it!). :-) Anyway, we were driving and we hear, "Noie toot...right there!" and he pointed at his bottom. It was pretty stinkin amusing.

We started swimming immediately. I am happy to report that we have two water babies. Callie was a champ at swimming. She didn't mind at all being in the water and even seemed to enjoy it at times.

It makes all of us playing together as a family that much easier. I highly recommend this place for families...especially those with young kiddos. They have so much to do. Our room also has a separated "room" for Noah with it's own tv and private space. It's pretty sweet.

Dave and I have looked at each other numerous times today and have said, "This is awesome. I'm so glad we're here." I'm happy to report that the vacation has kicked off to a great start.

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