Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let's talk

Our dear three year old friend, Lillie, and Dave (whom she refers to as Beans...long story, but he was dubbed by Lillie's dad) had a conversation while driving in the car to get donuts.

Lillie: Beans, can we talk?
Dave: Sure, Lillie. What do you want to talk about?
Lillie: Let's talk about Jesus.
Dave: Sure.
Lillie: Did you know Jesus lives in our heart and he loves us? And, and he's everywhere...Did you know that Beans?

(The last part went something like that at least. She spent a lot of time talking to Dave about Jesus...he couldn't relay all the particulars.)

I LOVE that at 3, she is so willing to share her heart and talk about Jesus...and be ridiculously cute while she's at it. It made Dave's day...and mine in the retelling.


Ann said...

Too cool. Too bad us adults aren't so forward about talking about Jesus!

Elizabeth said...

she is such a funny girl!!