Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 3

Yesterday we headed to Newport, Kentucky to the Newport Aquarium. It wasn't that far away from where we stayed. We had a great time looking at all the fish and sharks.

After that, we started our trek back north to Columbus. On the way, Dave made the mistake of mentioning that there were some outlet malls...and we pulled over. :-) An hour and a few bags later, we were on our way again. We checked into our hotel quickly (Which by the way was awesome)

It had a separate bedroom. This shows the kitchen and the "living room".

Then we headed to my aunt and uncles (who live in Columbus) for dinner. We had a great time. They hadn't had a chance to meet Callie yet, and we had never been to their house, so it was nice all the way around. Their kids, Joe and Ellie, played with Noah and held Callie, giving Dave and I a break. My uncle, Jim, coordinated an apple effort, which Noah joined in wholeheartedly. They have an apple tree and every week they need to throw away the fallen, bad apples. Well, Noah had a blast helping Jim and Joe. Later we found ourselves playing in the basement on Joe's drums.
Noah is a natural and LOVES playing whenever he gets a chance. We had a great time and a great meal. It was sad to leave.

The kid's took a long time settling down. Callie (who is normally my rockstar sleeper) woke up 3 different times last night. It was a long night. Dave and I were so exhausted we just crashed on the bed and all slept in until around 8. God bless vacation. :-)

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Elizabeth said...

I never knew where you guys went for vacation!! so fun! we've driven by the wolf lodge.. glad to see its worth the money! we used to live in columbus OH, is that where you were too?
anyway, looks like a fabulous time away!!