Friday, August 22, 2008

I keep trying to think of a new blog to kick out, but time and energy have been elusive. We have had a busy week. Our lifegroup multiplied this week (meaning we are now 2 groups instead of 1). Dave and I will start a new lifegroup on the West Side in 2 weeks. We had a lovely party and it was hard to realize that this was the last one together.

"Mamaw" Yenerich is coming to visit today and we are all really excited. Callie just woke up. She is a rockstar: She slept 8-7:30am, ate and slept until 9:30. Sweet! Now she is awake and giggly and wiggly.

Sometime soon, I'll actually have to sit down and type out a real blog...but for now, there's a mini-update.

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