Monday, September 27, 2010

Breaking Free

About two years ago, I was at a women's conference in Carbondale with some other women from church. While we were there, I got a very vivid image of a woman, arms wide open, praising Jesus...with a pile of junk and baggage at her feet. The words I got were "Breaking Free". I really felt strongly that this was for the women of our church. I was so excited. How could we get the women on board? A women's conference? Yes! In my naivete, I felt sure this was the way to go. Well, sometimes I get ahead of God just a little bit. Because that wasn't what happened.

Yet, that vision has stuck with me strongly over the past two years. In the last two years, I've had the opportunity to pray with countless women for this very thing. Breaking off of baggage: sins, lies, abuse, self-image, unforgiveness, etc. I've watched God work and seen women free from the stuff that has plagued them for years, sometimes decades.

Tonight, we were praying for a woman for this very thing. After God had indeed freed her from the things satan had been attacking her with...the picture of her walking in a field, towards Jesus, with piles of her brokeness left behind came to me. I thought "Yes, God. I get it now. You are doing it. THANK YOU!"

Thank you God for loving us so much that you never want us to stay in our brokeness. Your heart is for us to be free. Free to love you. Free to be the woman that you have made us to be. Free. In your freedom, I will live. Thank you seems really inadequate, but...Thank You Jesus. I love you too.

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