Friday, September 3, 2010

Proud Momma Moment

We had Noah's open house for preschool this morning. I think he's really going to like it, although he was a bit shy when meeting the teacher (he loved all the different toys he could play with). Callie went along too. She also loved it. There were babies and dress up. She was very content. While she was playing, I noticed that another girl was playing with a doll that Callie had previously been playing with. I went over and helped Callie find another baby to play with. I stood up and the girl with Callie's previous baby grabbed the doll out of Callie's hands. Poor Callie just started crying. I started to intervene and then the girl's mom came. She made the girl give the doll back to Callie and said, "We're going through the terrible twos". I could relate, and certainly didn't hold it against her. We've had our share of moments too. All was well again and the kids were playing nicely. After another ten minutes, I told my kiddos that it was time to go. I asked Callie to put her baby down so that we could go. She picked it up, looked around the room, located the girl who had previously taken the doll from her, walked up to her, and handed her the doll, saying, "Here you go". I just stood there watching it play out in front of me. The mom was a bit taken aback at first and then said how sweet Callie was. I was so proud of Callie for showing love to this little girl, even when the little girl hadn't shown kindness to her.

We walked out and I said, "You showed Jesus' love to that little girl. I'm so proud of you." Callie just said, "Yeah."

For all the tough moments in parenting, it's moments like this where I say, "Yep, it's all worth it."

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Christy said...

You're so right! I really believe God gives us those moments to show us that it IS worth it!