Thursday, September 23, 2010

Callie's new bike

So, Dave has a weakness for two-year-old blondes with brown eyes that smile up at him and say "Daddy!" with a big grin on their faces. I tease him that he's a total sucker where Callie is concerned. Case in point: Check out Callie's new big girl bike. We were riding bikes the other day and Callie was riding Noah's really well. Dave decided that she needed to have a big girl bike and was super excited about the Daddy/Callie time in going to pick one out. Dave picked it out so that it HAD to have the baby seat on the back. He was SO excited to be able to get this for her. Mu husband can be pretty stinkin cute. However, we had to order it because Walmart didn't have this particular model in the store. The bike came in today. So, when Dave came home from his conference, he put it together right away. Callie, in her highest voice, said, "Is that MY bike?!"

We spent the rest of the afternoon trying out her new bike (on the hottest day of the week)

Let's just say that Callie thinks her daddy's pretty great.

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