Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 4-Sunday

Sunday Morning started with church at Blue Sky. It felt very much like Clear River, which was nice when we were so far away. I ended up getting prayer at the end of service. It was exactly what I needed. We felt we knew people there too, since we had been at the conference all weekend.

Afterwards, we headed downtown to Pike's Place. It's this huge farmer's market that also has the people who throw fish.

It was such a cool experience. Dave and I enjoyed walking up and down and seeing all the different sights and smells. We bought some souveniers for the kids among other things. Anything I say just wouldn't really do it justice. If you ever get the chance to experience it, you should go.

After checking out Mars Hill (a mega church there in Seattle) for an evening service, we headed over to Steve and Shu-hui's house for some really good chili and good company. Steve is the head pastor at Blue Sky church and also oversees the other churches in our network. It was a really fun evening. Their kids are beautiful and really well-behaved.

We then headed back to our various host houses to crash before our EARLY morning wake up call and flights back home.


mjvan said...

Sounds like a great trip! :)

Karissa said...

Too cool thanks for putting up pictures and telling what happened.... way more descriptive than someone elses point of view

Christy said...

Sounds awesome! Glad you had a good trip!

kellyleigh25 said...

Sounds like some great experiences there! I hope the semester is going wonderfully! (funny, I still think in 'semesters') It's great to be able to see all the happenings through your blog. I might be at church in a couple weeks in December, I hope to catch you there! :)