Thursday, October 8, 2009

TDeZwaan Studio

So my friend Tiffany (actually the one who led me to Christ back in 8th grade) is starting off a new business. She has been handmaking bags (and other fun stuff) and now has a website set up. I have been wanting something personalized for Callie for awhile now and decided to have Tif design a bag for her. Here is the finished product.

Isn't it darling?? I love it. It's perfect as a small diaper bag...and will be really nice in kids church or at the gym childcare to let people know who's bag it is. Too cute!!! Click here if you want to check out her website. If you can't connect through the link, the address is:

Thanks Tif!!

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Tiffany DeZwaan said...

Thanks for shout out, Kim! I'm glad you had a nice birthday!