Saturday, October 17, 2009

Romantic Getaway this blog is basically going to be a brag on my wonderful warned. :-)

Dave and I haven't been on a getaway weekend since I was pregnant with Callie, so we were due for one. We finally got it scheduled for this weekend. Dave set it all up as a birthday surprise for me. It was incredible! It started off with him dropping me of at a massage place. I got an hour long massage (wonderful!)...Meanwhile, he was checking into our hotel room and getting things set up. When we got the hotel, there were a dozen red roses that greeted me. Along with them, was a card, chocolate, and champagne...sitting on our jacuzzi tub. It was so amazing and wonderful.

For dinner, we headed to Dave and Busters. We've never been there before last night. For those of you who are not familiar, it's essentially a grown up Chuck E Cheese. We had a lovely dinner and then played games for a few hours. It was a lot of fun (and kind of nice not chasing kids around). We took our time and supported one another...when we weren't competing with one another (basketball and skiball) :-)

This morning, I was awake joke: 6:45am. Wide awake. What?! Dave apparently slept horribly through the night. So we got up, ate our breakfast and then sat in the hot tub for a little bit.

Afterwards, we went shopping, which was a lot of fun. We went and explored the Castleton mall. In the afternoon, we caught a movie: Couples Retreat. Honestly, I didn't expect much out of it, but it was pleasantly surprising...for a Vince Vaughn movie.

We then drove home and had Monicals with the rest of the family.

It was such an amazing weekend. Dave and I talked a lot and held hands, and really just enjoyed each other's company. It was nice to be able to focus on us for a little while, without all the distractions.

So, thank you my love for providing the BEST get away. You're wonderful.


Christy said...

How totally awesome! Way to go Dave. You are truly blessed Kim. Glad you guys had a great weekend!

Smileyface said...

We have decided these are a MUST for our marriages....we love our monkies but time for just Daddy & Mommy is important too!

SLP said...

Sounds WONDERFUL! I think I may go look at our calendar:)

SLP said...

Sounds WONDERFUL! I think I may go look at our calendar:)

mjvan said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you could get away!