Sunday, November 2, 2008

Fun Night

So, my dear friend Karissa is in town (from Ohio). We invited her and whoever she found along the way, over. It was a great mix of people we knew well and those we had never met. We had fine gourmet (hot dogs) and played some mean games of euchre. It was a blast. Noah was running around having the time of his life with all the attention and even Callie woke up long enough to make an appearance.

It was hard to say goodbye to Karissa. I miss seeing her around. With the time change, we were all dragging around 9:30. She has to catch a 5:20am flight tomorrow morning and then work all day. Poor girl!

Dave is now watching the Colts, and I am thinking about reading some more of my new book.

Peace out.


Elizabeth said...

sounds fun! we were waiting around for 25 minutes at Duncan Hall.. all pumped up for Clearvision!! LOL
apparantly we missed the memo!
so we went out for pizza and then ice cream!

Karissa said...

Thank you! Praise Jesus for this friendship!!!!