Sunday, November 2, 2008

Baptism Sunday

OK, I got to write while it's still fresh. We had our baptism Sunday today. I LOVE this day. There have been some hard times recently with the church, but on a day like today, it reminds me over and over again why we are see people come to know Jesus. There were 13 people who were baptized today and another 3 who committed to following Jesus for the first time. I stood back there and openly cried all morning. Personally, this morning I woke up feeling attacked and needing Jesus. One of my dear friends prayed for me and it was just what I needed. I then got some good connecting time with a few other women whom I never get to talk to.

Let me just paint the picture of what it looked like this morning:
One of the guys gave his testimony. The others lined up and briefly explained why they were up there. The music started in some upbeat worship. As each person was dunked, there were loud shouts, clapping, cheering, rejoicing happening. There were 9 originally, but then 4 more during the course of worship decided to get baptised as well. Literally, wearing what they wore to church, they got in and were dunked. It's like this wild party, except everyone is praising Jesus. I imagine this might be what heaven looks like. It was so flippin cool!

I love Jesus. Thanks God for reminding me that this is why we are here...and thanks for doing it in such an awesome way!


Melinda said...

This is so seriously beautiful, my friend. It couldn't have happened on a better day. Go God!

Elizabeth said...

I have never experienced a baptism like this before. I still don't fully understand it. But I was moved to tears. it was seriously awesome! You KNOW JC was so there among us!!

Smileyface said...

This is so awesome to hear!
And yeah, I can imagine there was alot of dancing and clapping and shouting goin' on upstairs too!