Friday, September 11, 2009


I meant to post on Tuesday, but alas, time crept away. Noah started preschool this past Tuesday. Aside from a grumpy morning on Tuesday, he LOVES it. I'm so excited for him. He comes home with all these projects and is really excited about his teacher. He's doing great. As for me, I'm using the structured time to hit the gym. Next week, Callie and I might make a library program on Tuesday geared for 0-24month olds. We're all adjusting well.

Callie is doing FANTASTIC in her big girl bed. Can it really be this easy? Aside from her playing the first day during nap, she has not gotten out of the bed once after we stick her in it. What's better. She's sleeping LONGER these days (12-13 hours at night) and 2-3 hour naps. It's great!

We're going to a high school football game tonight. A friend of ours is a coach so it actually gives us a reason to go (We've been wanting to go to any high school football game for awhile now). It should be a lot of fun. Hopefully the kids will do well. Fingers crossed.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Christy said...

So glad Noah likes preschool! Is he going everyday? Madison started Kindergarten this year and LOVES it too! Enjoy your one-on-one time with Callie.