Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gym Fever

So, I am finally tackling the extra 5-10 pounds left over from Callie. Really, I'm tackling the squish that I still feel around my middle (and a few other places). I'm really not overly hung-up about weight. I'm pretty happy being average. I have no aspirations to be a super-model. However, a toned average would be nice. So today, as I am working out at the gym, feeling intimidated by the physical trainers who I feel are constantly scrutinzing me and my form (they probably aren't...but that's why they call it intimidation I guess)...I decided to quit fighting it and signed up to meet with one of them. I'm not committing to anything yet...but I'm at least going to talk to one and see what's up. Because frankly, I don't know what I'm doing in there and I'd like a game plan. I figure if I actually talk to one, maybe I won't be so scared and intimidated when they see me in there. By then, they will have actually helped me plan out my routine. Right? That's my hope anyway. So, here's to firming up.

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Christy said...

Way to go Kim!!!! I'm so proud of you. I REALLY need to do that too but find myself falling short everytime. It will happen eventually though! Best of luck!