Monday, September 21, 2009

Clothing Exchange

So, every year, we do this event called the clothing exchange. It's super fun, and it get's a lot of girls involved. Essentially, we all clean out our closets of anything and everything that we don't wear...put it in piles and sort through it...try new stuff on...and go home with a new bag of fun stuff.

This year was a record year for how many girls came. It had to be between 30-35 in my little house...with all those clothes. It was a great way for people to get to know one another and a lot of new people came. It was wonderful!!

At the end of it, we had well over 17 bags/boxes left over! This morning we are doing a free garage sale in front of our church to minister to the people in our church's neighborhood. I can't wait. Hopefully the rain will hold off and we will be able to give some more clothes away. :-) It should be fun!

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