Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson and Jesus

So, thanks to all of you who posted a comment...there are more of you than I thought.

So, Michael Jackson died. I sincerely hope that by this time, this is not a shock to you. Although, it's sad that he died, I'm actually getting sick of the media frenzy that this has become. Seriously, he was just a man. A weird, kinda messed up man. He wrote legendary music, I'll give him that. I'm just sickened by the amount of people trying to get into his "last performance". There are fan-crazed, obsessed people talking about getting "the golden ticket"...then turning around and trying to sell it for $3000 on ebay. I wonder how much of it is truly to say "goodbye" or the glory of being a part of such a famous person's funeral. Is it really that sincere?

When the media hype becomes this much over a man's death, it makes me ponder. I've thought a lot this morning about Jesus' death and how it probably looked vastly different. If someone deserved a lot of fanfare, it would be Jesus. He died on a cross to save us from our sins. Wouldn't you say that's worthy enough to have your funeral be a big deal? Yet, it would almost make the story lose it's beauty to have it any other way than as it is written.

Thanks Lord that you died a sinless death so that we might live. Thanks for not getting the glory this side of heaven so that we can live freely. Although your death may not have been an event that filled a stadium, it has altered the lives of millions...and has lived on for 2000 years.