Thursday, July 9, 2009

Family Fun

First off, while it's still quiet...let me say that it is 7:45am. Both kids are still sleeping and I was able to do my quiet time and eat breakfast in absolute quiet this morning. It was BEAUTIFUL. I actually felt like I could really connect with the Lord and take in the words that I was reading. It was amazing.

So, Dave had all of yesterday off. We got chores done during the day. Dave lawned (I love Noah's term for it too much not to incorporate it into our lingo). He also pulled out of the pond a 25 pound dead grass carp. It was GROSS and smelly. There are about 10 more floating around in the green pond. For those of you who don't know. When we bought this house, the pond was in fact, actually a really pretty pond. Now, it is filled with tiny plants called duckweed and watermeal. They take expensive chemicals to kill them off. Therefore, we have to get all the homeowners around the pond involved to intervene. That takes time. And that is where we are at. Anyway, meanwhile, fish are dying because this stuff is so thick. It's really not pretty at all.
*Interesting note* This was Noah's first time with something dead. We explained that the fish wasn't sleeping, but that it had died. Well, later on when he was playing with Dave, Dave had his eyes closed on the floor. Noah announced, "Daddy's dead!" He usually will just say that Daddy is sleeping. What's more interesting is that at one point he was attacking Dave's legs. Dave asked, "What are you doing?" Noah replied, "I'm swording you!". He's becoming more and more boy. I'm not sure where he even knows about swords. We talked again about what death means (When someone dies, they can't come back and play with you) I didn't want to scare him, but I wanted him to understand what he was saying.

After dinner, we headed to West Lafayette with our bikes (we drove there, not biked). We started at the Farmer's Market. Saw our friend Abby, then took a really cool bike ride through West Lafayette. I'm not overly familiar and I had never ridden that way before, so it was actually a lot of fun. Our trail took us by another friend's house, so we popped in there for a minute to say hi, then went home. At one point I was ahead of Dave for about 15 feet. Some guy whistled and yelled "Hey baby" out of his truck to me. I was so floored. I have not been hit on in YEARS. Dave and I joked about it for the rest of the ride home.

We got the kids in the bed and watched a little bit of "So you think you can dance". I haven't watched much of that show, but I do enjoy watching the dances...mainly because I could NEVER do that. It was a nice night.'s 8am now...Dare I dream I can get in a shower before the kid's wake up???

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Elizabeth Miller said...

so you were at the WL farmer's market? cool...that is a ways away from you all... did you ride the paved trail?
I am pretty impressed that you were up at 7:30... I don't know that I have done that since high school!!