Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Top 10 ways my kids make me smile

1) Callie makes these silly scrunched up smiley faces when she is tired. She is still happy, but it's a dead give away that she should be in bed.

2) Noah sings all the time...and it is so stinkin cute. He'll start something like twinkle, twinkle and end up with part of the itsy bitsy spider.

3) Noah can make Callie laugh like no other and it is heartwarming to listen to them in the car.

4) When Noah says, "That was very nice of you Mommy. Thank you" after I give him something.

5) When Callie is almost asleep and I can actually rock with her. It's the sweetest time to hold a snuggling baby.

6) Noah's "tisses".

7) When they are sleeping. I love checking on them at night and watching their little cherub faces sleep.

8) Tickling either kid under the chin elicites the best belly laugh, which in turn makes me smile.

9) Noah's joy when he receives a present of any kind. "Oh wow! Tanks!"

10) Their personalities. Noah is so ambitious. He is always accomplishing something new. Callie is content. She enjoys the things and people around her.

Yeah, I love my kiddos.


Sarah said...

cutest thing ever!

Smileyface said...

gabe is not a singer and i wish he was...i'm hopin' ellie will be!!