Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday already?!

Where the heck did this week go?! How can it already be Friday? That's insane! This week, obviously, passed me by in a hurry. Probably because I've been glued to my TV catching up on all the seasons of The Office and time has gone on around me. Yes, I've moved from intrigued to addicted. Darn it! It's cute, and I'm totally into Jim and Pam. I'm one of those people that follows the trend 3-4 years after things become cool. I'm a little slow on the uptake.

Anyway, Dave and I went on a date on Wednesday. Sarah B. babysat. It's nice to have a regular babysitter available. It was nice to get out and have dinner together. We've also had fun talks this week...some deep, some just fun...but really great connecting time.

Yesterday, I drove to K3 to visit my parents. We went to my all-time favorite restaurant called Blue's Cafe. It's seriously been there FOR-EV-ER. This is the place where I first experienced fried chicken fillet...and started a movement for chicken fingers around the world. It's delicious. We lowered the average age by at least 20 years though. You think I'm kidding? I'm not.

The rest of the afternoon was very relaxed. My dad made dinner. My dad is a rockstar chef. For fun, he made a roasted turkey breast, mashed potatos, stuffing, and vegetables. It was amazing! Even more so because I didn't have to cook it. Tonight for dinner, I'm thinking...frozen pizza? J/K...maybe. We'll see. I wish I could just hire my dad to cook for me all the time. That is one part of the domestic gene that I just did not get. I seriously come from 2 gourmet chefs and yet...I hate the mere thought of making food for dinner. Probably because we are ALL picky eaters and we are all picky in different directions, thus limiting the food palate considerably. Sigh.

Now that I am depressed about my dinner plans, I should go work in that direction....or clean my house. Why does cleaning my house sound so much more appealing???


Kelsey said...

The Office is so great! It's impossible not to become addicted. I recently discovered LOST--they currently have all the seasons for free online viewing now--and I decided it's called that because of the hundreds of hours of your life that are lost to watching it. Seriously addictive. Miss you guys and the kiddos--give them an extra hug for me!

Christy said...

LOST is AWESOME!!!! David and I have gotten addicted to watching that...such a great show!

Elizabeth said...

the office rocks! I seriously wished that I could have talked to my bosses like you just wait for the twists and turns when you get to the current season!!