Sunday, February 15, 2009

Prowling like a lion

It's amazing what a week will do. Callie started crawling on Monday and now she is everywhere! It's funny seeing her prowl around. She loves being mobile and now I'm finding I have to clean up EVERYTHING really well, otherwise it goes into her little mouth. Noah is having a harder time dealing with this. He now "has" to hoard all his toys and is developing some jealous streaks that we are working on.

Yesterday, we were able to snag Sarah B. to babysit last minute so Dave and I could just get out of the house. He's working nights this weekend, so we weren't sure how much energy he would have. Thus, not allowing me to be able to plan ahead. However, on the morning of, I definitely needed a break and to just spend time with Dave (Sad that I was kind of jealous of Noah!) I dragged him to "He's just not that into you." It's cute and I laughed. Dave was a trooper for going to a chick-flick with me. I told him he filled his quota for the year. It was nice just to get out, V-day or not. We didn't do presents this year, just cards...but he did buy me flowers, which was super sweet.

Now, we are off to church.

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