Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Noah and I went shopping just by ourselves today. He had saved enough of his pennies to buy a slinky dog. We pulled out some of his money for a tithe and then we put the money needed for his dog into a baggie. We felt it was a good way for him to learn about money.

Anyway, he bought and paid for it and was very proud of his purchase.

As we were running other errands and walking hand in the hand into the store, our conversation went like this:

Mommy: I like spending time with you Noah.
Noah: I like spending time with Daddy! (he then ammended that he liked spending time with both of us)

Thanks kid.

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Tiffany DeZwaan said...

Your blog is one of my favorites. Hands down. I LOVE hearing the stories you write about conversations with your kids!