Saturday, February 6, 2010


I'm writing from Indy. We stayed the night here last night for funsies. Actually, Dave had a conference yesterday and today and since he had to work overnight Thursday night, he opted to get a hotel room instead of driving back and forth. The kids and I braved the storm and decided to come down and join him. Otherwise we wouldn't see him for 2.5 days. A stormy night in Indy with two small kids is pretty tame. During the day, the kids and I went to the museum. We made it into town before the weather got bad. I got them to take a small nap in the afternoon before Dave came "home". We at at the Golden Corral, where my kids provided the entertainment for the ladies sitting next to us. They were all quite taken with them (one who was scheduled to be induced on Sunday). It was actually quite fun to visit with them. The kids were amused too, so that helped Dave and I a bunch. Afterwards, we had to run to Meijer because Callie apparently shed her sippy cup somewhere in the Children's Museum. We tried to take the kids swimming when we got back, but the pool was FREEZING! Dave was the only brave one that jumped in and as he says it, he screamed like a girl. :-) The kids dipped their feet in the hot tub and that was the extent of it.

Of course, putting both kids in the same bed was a trip. They both kept poking each other for a long time before they both fell asleep.

Now, Dave is off to his conference and the kids and I have a LONG time to kill this morning before we pick up my newest craigslist item.

Noah's cousin has a leap frog tag and we were thinking about getting one for Noah for his birthday. I happened to look on craigslist the other day to see if I could get one a little cheaper...and I hit JACKPOT. The system alone costs $50, the books cost around $14, and the carrying case is around $15. We figured we would just amass those as time went by. However, I found a BRAND NEW tag in the box, with the carrying case, new Cars book, new dinosaur book, and new Kung Fu panda book all in their original packaging for $50. Happy Birthday Noah! They live outside of Indy, so we are just picking them up on our way back today.

On another note: A shout out to Kristin Parry...HAPPY BIRTHDAY friend. Hope you had a great time last night. Sorry I couldn't be there to help you celebrate.

Also: Sara P. Have a great Sara Bowl Saturday..and Sara Bowl Sunday to celebrate your birthday!

Love you both!

Now to put Dora on this computer so I can get ready real quick.

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