Thursday, August 20, 2009

The sickness plague

Well, I still have no idea what kind of bug my kids had, but it hit Noah hard last night. He was still in a fine mood when he went to bed. Not lethargic, but still running about a 101.5 degree fever. About 11, he came into my room scared and just wanted to stay with me. Here's the deal...when Dave's gone...I can be a little soft. Only because it happens ever so rarely. It ended up being a good thing that he was close by. At 2am...Callie woke up screaming bloody murder. I shot out of bed to see what was up with her. She was now running a fever (about 101). So, I gave her tylenol and rocked her for a little bit, then laid her back down.

As I was climbing back into bed, I decided to check Noah again...who at this point was BURNING up and sweating. His temp was 103.5. I actually decided to call Dave, who I figured was still up at work...just to let him know. I gave him Ibuprofen and started praying over him. It was awful. He was mumbling that a lion was outside and was trying to get him. He had the cover over his face to hide from it. There was nothing I could do to convince him to take the cover away. He wasn't making much sense except that he was convinced there was a lion and he was shaking a little bit. Oh my gosh, my heart broke for him. This was about 2:30-2:45. I laid in bed, but was hesitant to fall asleep with him doing so bad. So, I just kept laying my hand on his forehead and praying for him. Finally, I took his temp again and it registered 104.4. I called Dave again and we talked about maybe going to the ER. However, just like that, I took it again, and it was 100.1. It just kept going down right before my eyes. So, God was faithful and let it break within 20-30 minutes of us praying. Dave said that he was praying really hard right before I called him the second time.

After that, he slept peacefully...and is still sleeping now. In fact, it's 8:45 and now Dave is home and joined him to rest for a little bit. Oh, I think Noah's up now. I just heard the door open. (Pause). He seems to be doing well this morning, although his pajamas were still damp. We changed his clothes and he was telling me about the dinosaur and the lion that were coming to get him last night, and he had to hide, but they aren't here anymore. Poor kid.

Callie is still running a fever, but is acting OK. I don't know what's going on in their little bodies.

On another note: Noah is doing fantastic with behavior lately. He's had 3.5 sticker days in a row (listening to mommy and daddy without throwing a fit). He's even gone a few days without even a time-out. He get's rewarded every 3 stickers (so about a day and a half). I think he really likes earning a toy and so things are good. I think it's partially that, and partially God working in MY heart as I parent him that is making the difference. I feel more like a happy mommy than a stressed frustrated mommy and that seems to make a difference as well.

So, today, I just pray that God continues to heal my kids. We have nothing really planned, so we can take it easy this morning.


Christy said...

So sorry the kiddos are ailing. Hope they heal quick! I'm fighting off a cold myself and praying hard that the kids don't get it!

SLP said...

Praise God Noah's fever broke! Hope Callie bounces back quickly too!

SLP said...

Praise God Noah's fever broke! Hope Callie bounces back quickly too!

SLP said...

I have no idea why it just posted twice! :)

Smileyface said...

I got tears in my eyes reading about Noah's fever breaking....I'm convinced parent's prayers are some of the most powerful things!!!!