Monday, August 17, 2009

Sara P for a visit

My old college roommate popped in this morning on her way to a roadtrip to Graceland. If you knew her, you'd understand. :-) It was great seeing her as she now lives in MN and we only see each other about once a year. The kids were super well-behaved this morning and it has actually turned out to be a really good day. Noah especially has been very good today. He's super creative today and is currently making a bed for his dog and a tent.

It was great to see Sara and her friend. It went by fast, but it was so nice to see her. It's as if we could just pick up where we left off. Like we lived 20 minutes apart instead of 12 hours.

In other news. I'm still waiting for the rain that they say is coming. So far, no dice. I love rainstorms...especially if it will hopefully cool off this heat.

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