Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy Day

Today's Father's day. I'm letting Dave sleep in as I type this. I'm truly blessed to have such a great husband who is also a great father. The kid's love his silly antics, yet he is firm with discipline. They respect him, as well as love him unconditionally. Even Callie is warming up to him now and they have fun playtimes. Noah still LOVES his daddy time.

The last few days have been BUSY! We went to the zoo on Friday with some friends. Mercy me! We chose the hottest day of the year so far to go...we all practically melted! It was a lot of fun though, and we enjoyed going with our friends. Yesterday, we went to the Taste of Tippecanoe. We had never been before. I think Dave has had to work the last few years, and I just never wanted to go by myself. It's funny...we ran into at least 10 people that we knew while we were there. It's nice to be established enough that we know people in the community. It was another HOT day, but we went later on and it began to cool off. Noah got to jump in a bounce house...his favorite thing to do. I love it too, because he bounces off some energy. The kid's got to bed late last night. 9:30...which is pretty late for our buckaroos. I was pretty hopeful that they would sleep in this morning. Figures. Callie, who is my great sleeper woke up at 6:45. She and I are up now while Noah is sleeping in for the first time in awhile. Yep, that's pretty much how it works here.

We don't have any established plans for Daddy day. Noah made him a surprise (We decorated some rocks to represent our family...and then on the bowl wrote, "Our dad rocks!") I can type that here, because by the time he would read this, he would have already received it. Noah was so excited about it, he had a hard time not telling Dave about it yesterday. So far, he's managed to keep the surprise. :-)

Well, to all you dad's out there...Happy Father's day! That goes especially to my dad and dad-in-law, but also to the rest of you out there.

Have a great day!

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