Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Recap

So MUCH has happened in the last few weeks. I have tried blogging numerous times. There have been so many topics flirting through my mind...usually while I am in bed and too tired to get up and write.

For instance, on Dec. 10, I slipped on some ice while carrying Callie and a muffin pan. We went down FLAT. Callie, thankfully was OK...but I ended up going into the ER with Dave's mom because my hip kept catching and I was in a LOT of pain. The most vivid memory I have of that time is when they asked me to put on a gown to take x-rays, I panicked, thinking, "I wonder what underwear I'm wearing...I hope it doesn't have holes..." After that, it was vicadin-land for me and I was feeling pretty great about most things. Nothing was broken...just bruised. It happened on a Friday night and by Sunday afternoon, I was feeling MUCH better. That weekend we had Christmas at the Irwins. Aside from me being sort of out of it, we had a great visit. It was great to see that side of the family. Dave had to work, so Dad Y. drove us up there (thankfully since I was still on vicadin).

The following weekend was Christmas at my mom's. On our way there, we got a flat tire...had to head back into Lafayette to get it changed...while on our way, someone kindly flagged us down while we were driving to let us know that we had no brake lights. Poor was a LONG day. We waited for the new tire for a few hours, then had to fix the brake lights (Thankfully, the tire was covered and the brake light problem was an easy/cheap fix). When all was said and done we had to post-pone Christmas at my mom's until Sunday.

Thankfully, after those two fiascos, Christmas, itself, was a little less eventful. I love that Noah knows that Christmas is special because it is Jesus' birthday. We made cupcakes for Jesus on Friday night and then went to our Christmas eve service. On Christmas morning, we read the Christmas story, prayed and then the kids got to open their presents. Afterwards, we went to Dave's parents house for Christmas again. It was a very nice and relaxing day.

We still have one more Christmas with my dad's family and that will be this Saturday. Meanwhile, things here are settling back into routine. Rooms are put back together...Christmas decorations came down yesterday. The kids are still all about their new toys, so play time has been peaceful. We've been to the Children's Museum and saw the zoo lights. Spiritually, it's been a really good month for me to reflect on the year, and how I'm doing in my relationship with Jesus. God's been bringing up a lot of things, and I'm hopeful that some of it will be dealt with in the new year.

Happy New Year everyone!

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