Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What?! She posted?!

Sorry to all who still read the blog for not writing in quite some time. It's for a host of reasons. I've thought of writing numerous times, but just haven't been super motivated or know what to say. You can also blame the two new authors in my life: Catherine Palmer and Susan May Warren. I've rented most of their books from the library and when the kids go down...well, then I tend to be reading.

But here's the skinny on what has been happening here:

-Noah STILL loves preschool. We met with his teacher last week and he is doing great! I absolutely adore his teacher. The good news is that Callie will get her next year. Noah is always coming home with neat projects and telling us all about his friends there.

-I had tendonitis in my left wrist and had to wear a brace for awhile. Not overly old violin injury. :-) Does that count as a sport? Well, it's probably because I played violin for a number of years and it flared up again. It's feeling much better now.

-We re-roofed our house this weekend. That was a major undertaking. THANK YOU to Paul, Dede, Mike, Laura, and a few guys from church who helped us do it. We couldn't have done it without you. It's a different color, which I am still adjusting too, but I think it looks nice. It's definitely a MAJOR improvement and there shouldn't be any leaks this winter. :-)

-Tony has been doing a series on Song of Songs. It has been GREAT. He has been giving all the married couples "homework" each week (make out with your spouse, talk about "foxes" that can hinder your intimate life/marriage, the men were supposed to find out from their wives what romance means to them and then do something about it, learn to be selfless with your spouse). It's been incredibly good for Dave and I. We've had lots of really good talks about the sermons and us and are finding new ways to show love to one another.

Life keeps going. Isn't that the way of it? I will try to do better at posting more often. Maybe I just needed to break the proverbial ice again. :-)

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