Saturday, November 27, 2010

That was fast...

So, apparently some bug has hit our house. Dave and I have both had sore throats the past few days. The kids both have ear infections. We're a delightful mess. On Thursday night I didn't get as much sleep as I should have (My sis-in-law and I braved the lines for Black Friday and did some shopping). However, being a don't really make up that much sleep. I napped yesterday with the kids. Then we put up all the Christmas decorations and that kept me busy until about 10pm. I went to bed and literally COUGHED for 2 hours. I was tired and miserable, but couldn't sleep. GRRR! So, I got up at Midnight and swigged some of Noah's Delsym and then went back to bed. Finally sleeping soundly until both kids got up at 6:45am. However, I was still not doing well. My throat still hurt, and I was unbelievably tired and worn out.

When Dave got up at 11 (he worked last night), I promptly went back to bed. When I woke up, Callie was still sleeping and Dave had opened my door because Noah was watching a movie on tv. I also woke up with the most pounding headache I have had in years. Honestly, I don't get headaches all that often...but this one made me dizzy and nauseaus. I could barely move. I tried calling one of my friends to pray for me because the prospect of dealing with the kids all day today feeling this miserable was so daunting. She wasn't there, so then I just laid in bed and cried out to Jesus. And I mean I cried. I asked Him to help me make it through the day and to take the pain away. I no sooner finished that prayer, then my phone rang. My dear friend, whom I have not seen in forever, called to see if we were still on for our playdate today. She asked if I was OK, and I was honest with her and told her that I was not feeling so hot. She literally piled her two kids in the car and was at my house in 15 minutes. She sent me back to bed and then proceeded to care for the kids while I rested longer with a cold pack on my head. After ANOTHER nap (and the cold pack did wonders!) I felt ready to rejoin the living.

As I was laying in bed I kept thinking how THANKFUL I was for her. It's funny because I know that God was the one behind our friendship. I met her 2 and a half years ago at Borics. She was in with her son, who ended up playing with Noah. She was admiring Callie who was only 2 weeks old. We got to chatting. After we left, I felt the strongest urging to go back and give her my number in case she ever wanted to do a playdate. When I gave it to her, I was praying she wouldn't think I was crazy. Lo and behold she emailed me and we have been friends since. Her son is really close in age with Noah and they play together well. It's nice to talk through parenting issues. She does a great job with her kids and it's always nice to hang out with other parents who are doing a good job so that you can glean new ideas.

Bottom line, God completely answered my prayers for help by sending Jamie my way today. He knows our needs and He is faithful.

Thank you Jesus and thank you Jamie.

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Christy said...

Awesome Kim! Love seeing the faithfulness of God! Hope you all are feeling better soon!