Saturday, October 9, 2010

What a week

This has been a most eventful week:

There have been 3 new babies born to friends this week.
I celebrated my 28th birthday
Friends of ours are getting married today
And a great man has passed from this world.

Dave's grandpa passed away last night. Although it was very much expected for quite awhile, the fact that it has actually happened feels hard. Grandpa Yenerich was 89 and has lived an incredible life. He would have been married to his wife (who passed two years ago) for 66 years this past Thursday. I remember looking at them and thinking...this is what it looks like to be commited. It was so clear that he loved her and that she loved him. They were married a LIFETIME. Grandpa, although having health problems for some time and a serious heart surgery, was water skiing the next year...and every year since, even attempting last year. I have a great respect for that, since I, have yet to successfully water ski.

He was a really good man. He was always laid back when I knew him. Going with the flow and always seemed to be pretty content. He will surely be missed.

Goodbye Grandpa. We love you.


SLP said...

So sorry to hear about David's Grandpa. What a blessing to have him for a Grandpa! I love this picture too! *HUGS* from us!
Erik and Sally

mjvan said...

Sorry for your you guys!

Christy said...

So sorry Kim! Pass our regrets on Dave. Jesus, bring your peace and comfort to this family as they walk through the grieving process. Love you guys!