Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A good day

Yesterday, Dave let me sleep in until 8 (yes, that is sleeping in). It was wonderful. Then he took Noah to our friends house for the day. Dave helped put in his laminate floors and kept Noah with him. Noah had a blast tormen...I mean playing with their kitten...although he has a long scratch running down his face from sometime during the day.

Callie and I had a very relaxing, and very quiet day. It was great. I had a really nice quiet time. There was a storm in the morning, and I love summer storms. It was so nice just to sit and watch it without having to be anywhere at that moment. We went to the mall for a little while. I returned a pair of shoes and we just browsed. Afterwards, we went home, had a nice lunch and then she took a 3 hour nap. I finished cleaning the house (hallelujah!) and then our friend Sarah B. came over. I felt like I had accomplished a lot, but also rested a lot.

It was a very peaceful day.

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Christy said...

We totally need these days to keep our sanity as mothers! Yay for you!