Friday, April 2, 2010

I LOVE garage sales

I hit the find of the summer thus far (OK, it just began, but I really got lucky). I've been looking for a twin bedspread for Callie for awhile. I haven't found anything that I've really liked. I stumbled upon this Pottery Barn quilt, with sham, and bedskirt for a steal at this garage sale...and fell in love. Even better, I took it home and it PERFECTLY matches Callie's new paint color! YES!!!


Now, just to find an outdoor playhouse...we'll see what the summer holds.


Kim said...

I photo shopped it, so the green looks a tad different in real's not that bright.

Christy said...


mjvan said...

Beautiful! Can't wait for garage sales to start here!

Smileyface said...

love it!!! and love their easter outfits!!!